March 16, 2009

Bring the Jabbawockeez to the Philippines!

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January 13, 2008

My curse…

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Curse is the premier MMO game portal, wholly dedicated to massively multiplayer games and gamers.Our mission is to provide a single, comprehensive, and accessible resource to enhance our users’ gaming experiences.Curse supports the MMO community by providing the tools gamers need to succeed.Curse offers gamers an unparalleled social experience revolving around their favorite games. While other websites may individually include databases, news, forums and other offerings, Curse is the only portal with all of this and more.

From video and screenshot sharing, wikis, databases, and add-on downloads to social bookmarking, blogging, forums, and guild website hosting, Curse truly is an invaluable resource for MMO gamers.

Is Rolf moving to …Nope, but you’ll see more video and screenshots of my characters there and I might create a separate forum and website for my clan. Visit my Curse site.

July 16, 2007


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Summary of what happened last week….

1. Had my haircut done by a korean friend (poor hair *pats*).

2. My clan was selected to test the territorial war feature of the Perfect World. I never got to go though. *cries*

3. Pictorial at the LU! office for the Level Up! Cliq site. (Mike: *wapak* You weren’t there! >:E, Me: *cries*)

4. Cried over the death of sirius(again!) after watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Megamall.

Nothing happened much. I’m only inside the house the whole week. Anyway, We’re now on our 5th day with the HOL Conference Marathon. It’s like a countdown for the opening of the PW-Open Beta server this wednesday. All we do is chit-chat and create rumors about Jeff (not-so-little Little: Hurray for Jeff scandals!!). Oh well, it’s already 2AM here, time for bed. Good night! *waves*

July 3, 2007

PW Soft Launch

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Last sunday, An event was held in Robinsons Place Ermita for the latest online game of Level-Up! Inc., the Perfect World. The event started with PW-Community Manager JP Pelayo and another GM(Sorry, I forgot your name >.<) talking about the game. Then, PW-Brand Manager Joel Salvador gave a speech (I have no idea about what though XD was busy oogling at someone LOL). Anyway, there were also games(bring me, Q&A, etc) for the players who were present. We also have our own clan booth for the recruitment contest(and we won LOL). Next was the duel, too bad Balil never made it to the finals but SkitzO_05 and ShengYue did. After receiving the prize from CM Justice(P2000 + 5 PW OB Installer CDs) for winning the recruitment contest, we went to the Yellow Cab and ordered 2 18″ and 1 14″ pizza for the members(there were 30+ of us present in the event but the others had to go home early so we only had to buy for 18-20 peeps). We’re looking forward to the much bigger event in August 4 in Megamall, the PW Commercial Launch.

And now for the pictures…

Stage01 “Bring Me” Event Stage02

Jeff at the Game Trials Booth PW Duel Event, Bots vs Jojo Avatar Making Contest

Rolf and VJV Mike and Mai Ace and Jojo

Ryan, Richard, Christian, Avon Jeff, Rolf, Allan, Mike, VJV Jalil, Mark and Keiser

Rolf at the HOL Booth Rolf with the prizes(P2000 + 5 OB Installer) Group Pic(Holy Order of the Light™)

June 13, 2007

Perfect World PH – Open Beta Launch

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Greetings!We’ve been recieving plenty of queries from you guys about our official launch. We appreciate your enthusiasm but the final date is being held in leiu of our planned events for the Open Beta launch. I can only say that the date for Open Beta will be sometime in July. We’ll be giving away special prizes for those people who regularly check our posts and will be the first people to experience our Perfect World come Open Beta launch.

Can’t hold the excitement any longer? Come and share the experience with us on our Soft Launch! We’ve planned a Soft Launch event tentatively this July 1, 2007 at the Robinson’s Place, Ermita. We’ve got fun games and activities lined up for you guys that go there! We’ll be posting the official dates as soon as we get the final details finished.


Woot! I can’t wait for the event. This may also be a good venue to hold our clan’s next UBE(Ultimate Bonding Experience). I hope I can come this time. >.

June 11, 2007

First Post!

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I really don’t know why I’m doing this again but the last time I blogged was like 2 or 3 years ago. However, my friends, who are into blogging now, are persuading me to create a new one. So, why not give it another try? I have nothing to do anyway.

Since this is my first post, I decided to talk about what I’m doing this past few weeks. Me and some of my guildmates are now beta testing Perfect World Online. The scripts are messed up right now but we can still progress through the game. I’m also updating the fansite, Perfect World: A Perfect Fansite, to correct some information I gathered from the Chinese and Japanese version.

I also DL’ed the Second Life client last night. I really miss chatting with people in the cyber world without thinking about my characters stats and skills.

I’ll try to post some screenshots of my characters in both games tonight. It’s already 5:30 AM here and I’m still awake. See you next post. Annyeong!